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American Vision Care Carries a Wide Variety of Lenses To Fit Your Optical Needs and Lifestyle.

EyeGlass Guide

Progressive lenses

Progressive lenses, sometimes referred to as no-line bifocals, not only correct for distances that bifocals can't, but they also hide the fact that you even need reading glasses.

Progressive lenses provide a correction closest natural vision. They are more than just a near and distance correction in one lens. Rather, progressives provide a smooth transition from distance through intermediate to near, with all the in-between corrections included.This constant graduation of the prescription means that you can look up to see in the distance, look ahead to view things such as the computer in the intermediate, and drop your eyes downward to read and do fine work comfortably.

American Vision Care now offers Varilux Digital Lenses

Anti Reflection Coating

Anti Reflection Coating is scientifically calculated to block reflected light. The result is that you'll see a reduction in glare, annoying reflections, and halos around lights. Also, anti-reflective coating reduces both internal and external reflections on the lenses themselves, creating a nicer cosmetic appearance. American Vision Care carries Crizal and Crizal Alize.


High Index Thin Lenses

Most of today's fashionable frames are made of plastic or metal with rims thinner than the lens itself. Also very popular are rimless mountings, where the lens edges are completely exposed. In either case, the lens edges are highly visible, and thicker edges can detract from the appearance of the eyewear.

Lenses made of high index materials have thinner edges than the same RX made from conventional plastic.Thinner edges require less lens material, which reduces the overall weight of the lenses, so they're more comfortable to wear. High index plastic lenses are now available at American Vision Care in a wide variety ranging from 1.53 to 1.74. The higher the number, the thinner the edges.

With Transitions® Lenses, you can now have the lenses that fit your lifestyle.

Your life is busy. In any day, you rush from one activity to another, one place to another. That's why you need Transitions® Lenses.

As you move from inside a building to outside, the light changes. Imagine how often this happens in one day. Transitions Lenses can actually adjust to the light you're in. That's because Transitions Lenses darken in outdoor light and quickly become virtually clear indoors so your eyes are always comfortable.

Since Transitions Lenses change automatically, your eyes don't have to. Even in bright sunlight, your vision is the best it can be.