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American Vision Care Carries a Wide Variety of Sports Goggles

Rely on American Vision Care when it comes to providing the best possible protective sports eyewear to both children and adults. We carry both prescription and non-prescription sport goggles.

The impact of a ball or other equipment as well as an opponent's hands and elbows pose a threat to an athlete's visual safety. According to a 2001 report by Prevent Blindness of America, there are approximately over 38,000 sports-related eye injuries requiring emergency room care in 2001.

School-aged competitors are particularly prone to eye injuries since their athletic skills (hand-eye coordination, balance, reaction time, and speed) are still being developed. However, regardless of an individual's age or skill level, every athlete's eyes are targets for injury. At least 90% of sports-related eye injuries are preventable with the proper use of protective sports eyewear.